I Agree To The Terms

An online event made in collaboration with MTurk workers

I Agree To The Terms is a new online performance being developed by The Builders

Association in collaboration with a community of “microworkers,” or “MTurk workers,” who train the algorithms that shape our online experience.

Most MTurk workers are Americans living below the poverty line in rural areas where jobs are scarce. They earn pennies-per-click in a vast, unregulated industry. Their assignments are repetitive, boring, maddening, and sometimes disturbing.

In this 30-45 minute encounter, Builders collaborators Moe Angelos and David Pence will be your guides, sending each audience member to a room to meet a worker. Together, they will perform microtasks and share stories before coming back to the group for a final encounter.

I Agree To The Terms is an opportunity to connect with an invisible online labor force, and to feature the “humans in the loop” of our everyday virtual encounters.

I Agree To The Terms is co-commissioned by BAM and the Onassis Foundation.

30-45 minutes

Tuesday, June 22, 4pm
Wednesday, June 23, 7pm
Thursday, June 24, 7pm


Directed by Marianne Weems

Writer and Dramaturg James Gibbs

Video Design: Austin Switser

Original Composition and Sound Design: Dan Dobson

Second Screen Producer / System Design: Lawrence Shea

Interaction Design: Giada Sun

Assistant Director: Dave Crellin

Featuring: Moe Angelos and David Pence; and MTurk collaborators: Michelle Brown, Noel Castle, Adah Deveaux, Chris Hockman, and Sybil Lanham

Stage Management by Nick Auer

Produced by Morgan Lindsey Tachco for The Builders Association