I Agree To The Terms

An online event made in collaboration with MTurk workers

I Agree To The Terms is a new online performance being developed by The Builders.

Association in collaboration with a community of “microworkers,” or “MTurk workers,” who train the algorithms that shape our online experience.

MTurk workers earn pennies-per-click in a vast, unregulated industry. Their assignments are repetitive, boring, maddening, and sometimes disturbing.

In this 30-45 minute encounter, Builders collaborators Moe Angelos and David Pence will be your guides, sending each audience member to a room to meet a worker. Together, they will perform microtasks and share stories before coming back to the group for a final encounter.

I Agree To The Terms is an opportunity to connect with an invisible online labor force, and to feature the “humans in the loop” of our everyday virtual encounters.

I Agree To The Terms is co-commissioned by BAM and the Onassis Foundation, and presented by NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts.

Friday, March 25 – Sunday, April 3, 2022



Directed by Marianne Weems

Writer and Dramaturg James Gibbs

Video Design: Austin Switser

Original Composition and Sound Design: Dan Dobson

Second Screen Producer / System Design: Lawrence Shea

Interaction Design: Giada Sun

Assistant Director: Dave Crellin

Featuring: Moe Angelos and David Pence; and MTurk collaborators: Michelle Brown, Noel Castle, Adah Deveaux, Chris Hockman, and Sybil Lanham

Stage Management by Nick Auer

Produced by Morgan Lindsey Tachco for The Builders Association